Risk Management

If a fire, theft, flood, hurricane or other disaster struck your insured premises, would you be able to recover the financial loss? Do you, the Policyholder, understand your insurance coverage and how to file a claim? Can you as the Policyholder be certain that you will properly present your claim in order to be fully compensated for all your losses by your insurance company?

If any of your answers are no, then you need ERG Recovery – your partner in managing those insurable risks.

ERG Recovery’s team of insurance experts help Policyholders, such as high-net-worth individuals, business owners, property managers, and community associations, prepare for the worst in order to fully recover from a loss.

We invite you to join ERG – a concierge-like service that complements your current insurance risk management programs in helping to safeguard your high-value personal, business and association assets.


  • Pre-loss planning for the policyholder.
  • Review of current insurance policies (property and casualty, business interruption, etc).
  • Documenting the insurable value of assets, through appraisals, receipts, photos, videos and other materials.
  • Education about the insurance claim process.
  • Support and advice before, during and after a crisis.
  • Filing well-documented insurance claims in according with policy requirements.
  • Managing the insurance claims process.
  • Content cleaning and inventory control
  • Coordinating property reconstruction.

Delivering Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind as our professional insurance team manage your insurance-related risks for you.
  • Front- of-the-line concierge service in a disaster.
  • Effective insurance advocacy for your rights as Policyholder.
  • Properly documented and presented insurance claims.
  • Full financial recovery – indemnification.
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